Advice Matters

Monday February 4th 2019

For financial planners, advice is the key deliverable. We will keep you up to date regarding trends, ideas and other important issues relating to advice. Please contribute to the advice discussion and feel free to comment on any of the articles we post. We value your opinion. You’re also very welcome to share the articles with your friends or colleagues.
The latest Advice Matters articles are reflected below.

How do I improve my client relationships?

Monday February 4th 2019, Category: Advice Matters, Wealth Intelligence

Financial planning has come a long way in terms of processes and experience and products have evolved. One of the key concepts implemented was the six-step financial planning process introduced by the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa (FPI) as a guideline and methodology for efficient and effective financial[...]


How can I use digital advice to create stronger client relationships?

Monday January 14th 2019, Category: Advice Matters, Wealth Intelligence

2019 is here and what better way to start off the New Year than focusing on new possibilities and an innovative way forward! Bill Bachrach, who has written several industry best-seller books, was recently quoted in Moneyguide Pro saying that the single most important thing that will impact you (as a financial planner) and[...]


What’s the difference between client service and client experience?

Monday October 22nd 2018, Category: Advice Matters, Wealth Intelligence

Businesses often confuse customer service with customer experience for various reasons, yet there are clear and important differences. THE DIFFERENCE Client service is reactive and focuses on human interaction and directly supporting the client. It is only one piece of the puzzle and forms part of the client experience.[...]


What is behavioural coaching?

Monday October 8th 2018, Category: Advice Matters, Wealth Intelligence

  In July this year, Vanguard published a paper titled the “Evolution of Advisor’s Alpha: From portfolios to people”. This document tabled all the drivers of change in the financial planning industry such as regulation, fees and technology-enabled competition. There was nothing in this paper that we haven’t[...]


How do I assist my clients in setting meaningful goals?

Monday August 27th 2018, Category: Advice Matters, Wealth Intelligence

Mitch Anthony, prolific author whose seminal books include The New Retirementality (now in its fourth edition) and Your Client’s Story says, “Money is a means, not an end. More important than building a pile of money is building a plan for that money.” However, many clients focus solely on achieving the highest[...]


How does intent and impact influence the financial decisions clients make?

Monday July 30th 2018, Category: Advice Matters, Wealth Intelligence

Investor A decides to invest money with the intent to target a high return. The intent to do the right thing and to achieve a high return is based on looking at historical performance and selecting a fund that has done well in the past. In this instance the investor invests and expects a certain outcome – a high return. In[...]