Business Matters

Monday January 28th 2019

Productivity and efficiency are key drivers of profitability. To make your management task easier, we will regularly post “best practice” articles relating to business management. We would welcome your comments on the articles. Please also share the articles with your friends and colleagues.
The latest Business Matters articles are listed below.

How can I improve learning in the workplace?

Monday January 28th 2019, Category: Business Matters, Wealth Intelligence

A new year always brings with it opportunities for growth and becoming even better versions of ourselves. As a business owner, you have objectives for your business but it’s important to remember and appreciate that your employees also have their own career and personal goals. When an employee’s career goals are aligned to[...]


How do I choose the right financial planning model for my business?

Monday August 20th 2018, Category: Business Matters, Wealth Intelligence

THE EVOLUTION OF FINANCIAL PLANNING MODELS Looking back, the only financial planning tools available to assist us with analysis were our trusted HP 10 and Microsoft Excel. Over the last few years, the industry has gone through significant transformation and companies are increasingly using financial planning analysis tools[...]


Is your practice active on social media?

Monday August 13th 2018, Category: Business Matters, Uncategorized, Wealth Intelligence

Technology has changed many aspects of the way we do business and how we engage not only with those in our social networks, but also with our clients. However, it’s not only about technology transforming and the way in which we communicate as a society has also altered immensely. There are now over 3 billion people logging[...]


Are we professional?

Monday July 2nd 2018, Category: Business Matters, Wealth Intelligence

I guess this depends on how we define professional. The opposite of professional is amateur, which is someone that does something and doesn’t get paid for it. We get paid, so we’re not amateurs, but does that make us professionals? Well, a professional is someone that engages in a profession, which is a paid[...]


Do you have a social conscience?

Monday June 18th 2018, Category: Business Matters, Wealth Intelligence

To thrive and not only survive in your business, it is critical to adhere to the expectations driven by society. In this digital era, online networking and a strong social media presence have become the norm for many businesses to attract, engage and educate their target markets. Businesses also need to have a strong social[...]


Who will support you in changing your business?

Monday May 7th 2018, Category: Business Matters, Wealth Intelligence

As coaches, we often ask our clients who will support them in their role as financial planners and business owners. Our primary role at Old Mutual Wealth is to be your support system. It can be quite daunting to start your own practice and change old patterns of behaviour that are no longer serving the industry. Support in any[...]