Business Tips

Monday October 1st 2018

It’s often the small things that matter when running a business. In this section of Wealth Intelligence, we will regularly share business tips that you might find useful in the management of your business. Please feel free to comment on any of the tips and should you wish to share any of your ideas, please contact us. We would be delighted to pass them on.
The latest Business Tips articles are listed below.

How do I run a successful virtual client meeting?

Monday October 1st 2018, Category: Business Tips, Wealth Intelligence

There are many advantages to online meetings and it can definitely take some of the hassle out of your work day. One of the biggest benefits of virtual meetings is enhanced productivity due to better time management and significant savings in travel expenses. It also provides you with easy contact with clients across the world[...]


How do I keep up with technology?

Monday September 17th 2018, Category: Business Tips, Wealth Intelligence

Technology is constantly evolving and failure to be proactive and adapt to these changes can be disastrous to your practice. The digital world is changing how we need to engage, attract and communicate with our clients. As a result of this changing landscape, we need to re-assess our value proposition and embrace technological[...]


How do I stay relevant in a changing world?

Monday August 6th 2018, Category: Business Tips, Wealth Intelligence

HOW LEGO REINVENTED ITSELF Lego has been around since the 1930s and was predominantly positioned as a manufacturer of building toys for boys. In 2003, Lego was $800 million in debt and an empire at the verge of crumbling. Sales were down and the future was looking pretty bleak for the Danish toy company. However, they managed[...]


How can technology empower my business?

Monday May 14th 2018, Category: Business Tips, Wealth Intelligence

Technology has expanded and changed at a rate faster than ever over the past decade. Therefore, being tech-savvy is an essential element of managing and marketing your business. Many practices are concerned about keeping up with technology and losing their competitive edge. Innovation isn’t easy, but it’s fundamental to[...]


How can I reduce cyber risk in my business?

Monday January 22nd 2018, Category: Business Tips, Wealth Intelligence

As the New Year gets into full swing, let’s reflect on one of the major challenges we overcame in 2017 and the lessons learnt from them. Massive data breaches containing millions of South Africans’ personal information - including property ownership, income and employment history – caused major panic last year. In the[...]


What should a typical review meeting look like?

Monday November 27th 2017, Category: Business Tips, Wealth Intelligence

Many planners see a review meeting as an opportunity to assess markets and their clients’ portfolios and assets as well as focus on changes in their circumstances and/or recent life events. Planners often get stuck in this framework and forget that a review meeting is an opportunity to differentiate themselves from the[...]