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Monday January 21st 2019

Keeping abreast of the markets and investment matters in general is a demanding task. We will endeavour to provide you with interesting, up to date information and opinions on a regular basis. Please feel free to comment on the articles and let us know what you think. We value your opinion. You’re also very welcome to share the articles with your friends, colleagues or clients.
The latest Investment Matters articles are listed below.

How do I avoid the market’s wall of worry?

Monday January 21st 2019, Category: Investment Matters, Wealth Intelligence

Current market volatility is causing headline news to scream panic! From the recent sell-off in technology (FANG) stocks to the uncertainty related to the pace of US Fed interest rate tightening, the trade war with China and how Brexit will actually land, there appears to be cause for worry everywhere. But investors should[...]


Will South Africa’s new finance minister be able to rebuild confidence and bring some stability?

Monday October 15th 2018, Category: Investment Matters, Wealth Intelligence

Tito Titus Mboweni has been announced as the successor to former Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene. Mboweni, the nation’s fifth finance minister in less than three years, now faces the challenge of recuperating an economy that’s in recession and will have to hit the ground running. However, he is suited to be South[...]


What does the recession announcement mean for my clients?

Monday September 10th 2018, Category: Investment Matters, Wealth Intelligence

WHY WAS THIS A SURPRISE? Economists expected real (after inflation) gross domestic product (GDP) growth to be marginally positive. This is because Stats SA publishes advanced data on several key sectors, which allows economists to calibrate their GDP estimates ahead of the official release. However, it doesn’t release[...]


What sparked MTN’s share price to crash?

Monday September 3rd 2018, Category: Investment Matters, Wealth Intelligence

On the week of 27 August, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) wrote to MTN stating that they want dividends totalling $10bn to be paid back. These dividends were allegedly illegally repatriated from MTN Nigeria to MTN Head Office over 10 years since 2007. The CBN alleges that the banks which facilitated the repatriation did so[...]


What should we do during times of low returns?

Monday July 16th 2018, Category: Investment Matters, Wealth Intelligence

The year started off on an extremely positive note with an upward surge in global equity markets and positive political change locally. Yet at the halfway mark of 2018, local investors are confronted with very disappointing returns from most asset classes. Naturally, clients are concerned and the following questions are[...]


Millennials: How will the purpose generation reshape wealth?

Monday June 4th 2018, Category: Investment Matters, Wealth Intelligence

BENEFITING FROM A FREE SOUTH AFRICA – Millennials are arguably the most exciting generation in South Africa. The oldest millennials were only born five years after 16 June 1976 and had just entered their teenage years when South Africa achieved freedom in 1994. They will be the first generation in which age-based profiling[...]